Anna Hewitt

Whether sewing, planting seeds, or in the kitchen, Anna loves to create. She spends lots of time in the kitchen making as much as possible from scratch. When not baking, canning, or fermenting, she sews bags, aprons, and other items inspired by the kitchen and the garden ( She often feels torn between finding some land to put down roots and taking the opportunity to travel and see more of the world. For now she eagerly explores her new surroundings in the mid-west and schemes about how to see more. Anna writes and shares recipes on her blog (

Fair Season

Late summer and early fall is the season for visiting fairs. State fairs, county fairs, and festivals highlighting speci…


Punk Rawk Labs

On a sunny Saturday morning in North East Minneapolis, farmers, food producers and crafters have gathered to sell their …


Saving Summer

We’re reaching the peak of summer here in Minnesota. This means, of course, that we have a huge variety of fresh l…


A Cool Summer Treat

When I was young, in the summer, I would fill mugs with orange juice and put them in my grandmother’s chest freezer. I s…


Pick Your Own

If you live in a place where winters are cold and frozen like I do, the arrival of locally-grown produce is one of the d…

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