Catherine Flournoy

Having served in the hospitality industry before she had her driver's license, Catherine's kitchen adventures began at the age of four when baking was learned at her grandmother's knee. Being born on her family's farm in rural Taiwan seemed to have destined her for a delicious life. Several careers later, the culmination of her diverse personal and professional life eventually dovetailed back into the culinary arts. Catherine's philosophy is this: Food is Service. What's fantastic about this vital sustenance is that food is a deliciously insightful social commentary on any given place. Food is art created from nature's palette, and when plated is like great architecture of minuscule proportions. Catherine celebrates the variations in food derived from a history rich in everyday and exotic ingredients, invaluable nutrients and that are exciting with flavors and methods from continent to continent, era to era. Food is an offering of love - from the cultivation process, preparation and right down to its consumption. Food is culture in edible form – how else does one absorb the diversity of our world in literally just one bite? Catherine believes in balance, when she’s not exploring food and food science she is an avid dancer and music lover. Catherine is a pastry baker in Los Angeles.

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