Jennifer Bouso

By day, Jennifer puts her writing skills to work creating training materials for the corporate world. The rest of her time is spent writing in a more creative fashion, experimenting in the kitchen, traveling with the husband she has forced vegetarianism upon, and laughing at her beagle. You can read all about her adventures both on and off the stove on her blog

Meatless Meals

Pamela Anderson, Gandhi, Leonard DaVinci, Carl Lewis, and Lisa Simpson all have something very important in common: they…


Whey-ing in on Ricotta

It is an unfortunate fact that ricotta cheese is often relegated as a filling for savory dishes such as ravioli or lasag…


Parsley with a Purpose

As a child, parsley was the ubiquitous green leaf on my plate in restaurants. As I grew older, it was the ingredient tha…


Spring Greens

Spring has officially begun and with it has come an appetite for light, fresh fare. For now, I’ll bid farewell to …

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