Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams is a food writer, enthusiastic amateur cook, and student of all things gastronomical. Having grown up eating brown hippy bread, playing in the cow barn, and drinking very raw milk indeed, her passions now revolve around food processes and artisanship. Beyond meeting the people who craft chocolates, cheeses and so on, Rachel enjoys making such oddities as chutneys and sourdough, pickles and pork pies, and delving into the strange and wonderful world of culinary histories. Rachel is also fascinated by food as an expression of culture and politics, tradition and change, memory and identity. She is currently studying for an MA in the anthropology of food at the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies. In addition to her graduate work, Rachel’s writes for various London-based publications and blogs at Lunch with Dionysus - a celebration of taste and pleasure, cooking and eating, feasting and friends.

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