Where’s the Beef? (The kind that is safe to eat)

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Do you ever have a craving for a good steak, maybe a juicy hamburger? For many of us this is t rue, but these days, buying “safe to eat” beef can feel like spinning a roulette wheel.  The most recent case of mad cow disease was reported in a dairy cow in California just last month.  The name of this disease is rather strange  since the only victims of madness seem to be the consumers.  Although we are taught to avoid red meat, there are still occasions that many of us want to indulge.  Where do we find the beef and dairy that is safe to eat? Furthermore, if we can locate it, can we afford it?

The answer is YES.  In a country where more than 16 million pounds of antibiotics are used on livestock, certified organic beef and dairy ensures that we as consumers are not ingesting harmful amounts of antibiotics that will result in our bodies being immune to critical medications.  Grass fed beef is also healthier than grain fed beef.  It turns out that grass fed beef has twice as much Omega -3 fatty acids, four times the amount of Vitamin E, C and Beta Carotene and even less fat.  Clearly, grass fed certified organic beef is better for you and it tastes far better, but how much will it cost to “go organic?”

Well, it’s really far more affordable than you think.  Here is an example. One pound of 85% lean ground beef that is certified organic grass fed beef is $6.99 from Eel River Farms.  The average cost for 85% lean ground beef is approximately $3.99. Furthermore, the average cost of a “quarter pounder” with cheese (1/4 of a pound of regular ground beef) is over $5 for the sandwich only. You be the judge.

Here is one of many farms that offer certified organic grass fed beef produced and farmed locally within California. For the record, no you don’t have to actually visit the farm.  Eel River Organic Beef is a certified organic beef farm that is family owned and operated in Northern California.  They produce 100% Certified Organic Grass-Fed Beef that is born, raised and processed in Northern California. They guarantee their product unconditionally and are ECO-WISE & Environmentally Conscious.  The best part of all is that you can order from Eel River’s website and have a box delivered straight to your home.

Most of us want value for our money. We want to splurge on the things that we love and stretch on the things we don’t.  If you are considering the cost to your health that regular beef can have but  you can’t ban burgers from your life, maybe going organic is worth the small splurge after all. Food for thought.

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