Celebrity Chefs Making Nutrition Sexy

An article recently posted on seattle pi speaks about the ever-growing trend of celebrity chefs making nutrition and healthy cooking, well, trendy.

Chef Art Smith, one-time personal chef to Oprah Winfrey and now a food contributor with several magazines, spoke of the need to make nutrition more mainstream.

According to Smith, chefs with celebrity status should use their influence to push consumers toward healthier choices—by making the process fun, accessible, and most of all, sexy.

“If you don’t make it sexy, if you don’t make it fun, they’re not going to buy into it,” Smith told journalist J.M. Hirsch.

To pay homage to the celebrity chefs infusing nutrition with a bit of sex appeal, we’ve gathered a list of today’s hottest chefs promoting healthy cooking.

Nigella Lawson. The curvy, voluptuous woman who puts all things

feminine into a male-dominated industry wins our award for Making Nutrition Sexy. From making domestic duties into goddess status to touting the celebratory ways of feasting, Lawson had us at “He-llo!” Today, she’s twisted her standard casual entertaining recipes to give us a healthy slant; recipes like Nutty Cole Slaw and Healthy Peach Muffins are but a few of her many recent nutrition-minded recipes.

Rachael Ray. Oh, Ray-Ray. For better or worse, Rachael Ray is loved in households around the country world. Her smiley girl-next-door sex appeal has always won hearts over, but in recent years she’s taken her no-fuss cooking style to a whole new level: no-fuss healthy cooking. Among her numerous growing domains is a new non-profit called Yum-O!, which inspires families to cook healthy foods with their children. Even if you’re one of the haters of this mega-celebrity, you can’t deny she’s got the face, the personality, and the booty to give healthy cooking a solid mainstream push.

Jamie Oliver. The artist formerly known as The Naked Chef might as well change his name to “The Dude Who’s Gonna Try to Change Your Local School System with His Naked Chef Good Looks and Charm.” Seriously. Oliver’s made a habit of knocking on school doors, demanding a chance at improving their lunch systems. Results so far have been quite mixed, as some cities outright resent his lack of insight into the deeper problems embedded in school funding, but the point is clear: he’s hot, he healthy, and he’s here to stay.

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