D.I.Y. Food Revolution: Resources for the New Year

Today, the crafting trend has been re-popularized with the growing desire to do things ourselves, especially among the 20s to 30s generations. With several diplomas, certificates, and degrees under our belts, yet a student debt higher than the nation’s total credit card debt (and very little jobs to show for it), we’ve all tuned into the ways of getting creative as a means of saving money. And in the meantime, we’ve discovered the joys in crafting—imagine, making things from scratch, pocketing the extra cash, schooling yourself in self-sufficiency, and having a good time all in one. Who would have thought?

Perhaps the most popular form of the DIY revolution is in the food world. It should come as no surprise, as our mainstream culture has come to idolize chefs, create more cable cooking shows, and write films based on cooking personalities, that we’ve become amazingly interested in (and almost obsessed with) what’s on the kitchen table. We’re not only curious where our food comes from, but we want to learn how to grow it and cook it ourselves.

Food trends of 2010 that will bleed into 2011 include curing meats, pickling, handcrafting cocktails, and home gardening. If you haven’t already begun experimenting with any of these delicious skills, there’s no better time to learn. There’s an ever-growing abundance of blogs, TV shows, and books on the market to give you the info you need to get food crafting yourself.

If you’re into meats, you’ve got to check out Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing, a must-have recipe resource for any lover of sausages, bacon, and other cured meats. You’ll learn everything there is about pates, lard, and the joys of white mold.

If veggies and lean cuisine are more of your bag, you’ll want a copy of D.I.Y. Delicious: Recipes and Ideas for Simple Food From Scratch. Covering everything from homemade cheese to tabletop pickles, this home kitchen reference guide gives you the recipes to make basic kitchen staples from scratch.

Maybe you’re ready to dive into DIY food and beyond. If so, this is the book for you: Self-Sufficiency: A Complete Guide to Baking, Carpentry, Crafts, Organic Gardening, Preserving Your Harvest, Raising Animals, and More! Building tree houses? Check. Making maple syrup? Check. Baking from scratch? Check. Making potato prints? Check. Check, check, check.

This year, add a simple resolution to your list: do more yourself. The food will be better, you’ll feel more accomplished, and you might even save a few bucks. That’s one resolution you’ll be happy to keep.

  1. To see you write “years ago, when I was in college” makes me feel nostalgic (and old!)

    Nice job, KiM : -)

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