Do Food Apps make you a better Cook?


You know you love ’em.  For all of you “foodies” out there, all the amateur chefs who “primp and prep” your food, blogging, styling and photographing your meals. You know who you are (and yes, I am one of  you). Do you use those food apps on your smartphone?   It’s okay to admit that sometimes we need a little help coming up with dinner ideas on a weeknight. It’s nice to believe that we can be inspired by our pantries, but let’s face it, not all of us have the time to peruse through “Cooks Illustrated” with a latte on a Tuesday evening before dinner.  For those of you like myself, food apps come in handy when we are rushed or even delegating dinner to our better half.  I came across this article today and thought that it was worth sharing, noting the “superstars” and sharing a few of my favorite pics.  So, for all of you out there who love to cook but can’t always “invent something” in the kitchen..this one’s for you.

Courtesy of : The nextweb.  50 Fantatastic Food & Cooking Apps


1. Cupcake Heaven, if nothing else, but to make you eat dessert!

2. Eating Well: I love the magazine and the app too!

3. iFoodPlus: For those of us who are watching the calories and sodium, this is great!


Enjoy and load up…

Photo Credit : Svacher (flickr)



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