Forget Potatoes: Five Fries to Get Your Veggie On

When it comes to French-frying, potatoes are out.

That’s not to say there is anything wrong with the potato as a French fry. It’s the classic standard because it works well. It’s starchy, bland, and firm, and it fries up into crispy yet chewy, salty little fries of flavor.  But just as everything else in life, they say it’s best to diversify. So diversify your French fry.

There are a slew of colorful, texturally-diverse vegetables at the grocery store (or farmers’ market) that will bake or fry up just as well as potatoes—and they will give you a bit more nutrition, flavor, and excitement in the kitchen.

We’ve chosen five great fry recipes to get your experiments started. Some will create a sweet fry, some a spicy. Some are fried, some are baked. You’ll get orange fries, green fries, white fries—you get the picture. Diversify your food portfolio and eat better.

1.    Celery Root French Fries, Healthy Fit Mom
This video tutorial takes you through the art of celery root French fry-ery. Watch, then try.

2.    Burdock Fries, Wandering Chopsticks

Burdock, also known as gobo root, is an Asian vegetable that has superpowers: lowers cholesterol, alleviates skin problems, clears up music and sinus, eases colds and illnesses, lowers diabetes, combats hair loss, the list goes on. If you needed another reason to eat burdock, here it is—they make yummy fries.

3.    Parsnip Fries, Martha Stewart
Think what you will about Martha’s dealings with money and business—she knows her stuff when it comes to food. Parsnips are a sweet vegetable similar to carrots, but with a bit less bite. They fry up deliciously.

4.    Shoestring Zucchini Fries, Epicurious
Zucchini has such a soft, spongy texture naturally that when it’s breaded and pan-fried, it gets a remarkable soft-meets-crisp quality. Very yummy indeed. (And let’s be honest, how many other ways can you make zucchini that yummy?)

5.    Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Sarah’s Cucina Bella

The list wouldn’t be complete without a recipe for killer sweet potato fries, so here it is. Sarah’s recipe uses a dash of cinnamon and paprika, which give just the slightest air of sweet spice. It’s a keeper.

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