Give a Gift of Homemade Pasta

The  difference between home made vs. store bought pasta is amazing. There is a lightness & delicacy in home made pasta that surely comes from all of the time & love that is poured into it. During the holidays, there is nothing like a gift that has been made with love, and one that you can eat? Well that just makes it all the better! If the thought of making pasta scares the holiday joy right out of you, fear not! All you need is flour, eggs, a little salt and some time.

Here are two recipes from the Food Network that will get you going:

All-Purpose Pasta Dough

SpinachPasta Dough

You can also substitute garlic, salt, and paprika for the spinach in the Spinach Pasta Dough recipe for a garlic/red pepper pasta dough for your holiday gift baskets.

Dough and cut pasta hanging to dry is a great reminder of what giving a gift is all about. Really, it’s thought, art, time & effort that you are giving.

Package it all up with some of your homemade sauce and feel great about nourishing your loved ones appetites as well as their holiday spirits.

Heidi Anderson

Heidi is a professional photographer & writer, eater & drinker in Honolulu, Hawaii. After attending The Academy of Art in San Francisco, she opened a children's photography studio in Los Gatos, CA, but eventually the pull of the Islands brought her back to Hawaii to open a studio there. She has become a renowned children's photographer & has since cultivated her food lust by photographing food for local restaurants, as well as collaborating on a Cuban cookbook project where she is the photographer, writer & recipe tester. With her motto being: Will Work For Food, she also documents her pursuit to "eat, drink & be merry" on her food blog, Swigs & Grinds. You can find her at &

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