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I am not sure how a place that I used to visit with my mother on Thursday’s became such a “trendy” thing to do.  I recall going to the market with my mother every Thursday afternoon during the summers to buy fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and fruit. We grew tomatoes at home in our garden, but she professed that they were not the same. These tomatoes that were farm grown and still dirty from fresh picking seemed better.  During those warm sunny afternoons, we would walk along the path visiting each vendor and I would watch her examine the produce while scrutinizing its quality. “I will need to make my own basket” she would exclaim every time a vendor would offer her a pre-picked basket of fruit.  When I was reminded of the Original Farmer’s Market, it seemed obvious that what was once old is now new.

The Original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, CA is more than just a place to get groceries. With its history deeply embedded into the city, “The Market” was formed in 1934 with a few farmers who pulled up their trucks to an empty lot at the corner of Third and Fairfax in Los Angeles, offering freshly picked produce for sale.  Since then, the market has evolved to include more than 30 market vendors, over 20 restaurants and a host of local artisans to choose from.  More importantly, the market is a community of local vendors, shops and farmers offering fresh produce, meats, artisan cheeses and some of the best ice cream you can find.  One of the most famous ice cream shops is the award winning Bennetts’ Ice Cream. Their ice cream embodies the definition of tradition, made with whole ingredients and mixed on the spot at the window as you watch. Not to be overlooked by the  more refined tastes, Scott Bennett even offers his very own “Cabernet Sauvignon ice cream’”  Wine on a cone …even I would try that. The market also features a Summer Music Series that returns on May 31st and runs to September 7th every Thursday and Friday nights. It’s now a place to go for a night out? Who knew!

My fond childhood memories are what bring me back to the market now that I am a mother bringing along my son, scrutinizing fruit the way I never thought I would do.  Thanks to my mother, I grew a passion for farm fresh food and for that, I am grateful for those many Thursday afternoons.


Farmers Market Contact Information 

Telephone: (323) 933-9211, Toll Free: (866) 993-9211 
Fax: (323) 549-2145
Address: 6333 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Summer Music Series runs from May 31st to September 7th every Thursday and Friday nights. Visit their website under “Special events”


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