Spice Up the Holidays and Improve Digestion

Your holiday baking adventures are full of sugar and spice. But did you now that the spice helps digest the sugar? And even helps boost your immunity against the harsh elements of the holiday weather? All that holiday spice can help you digest your way through the next few weeks, so be liberal with the cinnamon, and read on to learn more.

The name says it all—allspice. It aids digestion, reduces gas, and relieves nausea. The ultimate family-fix for the holiday season.

This potent spice takes like Chinese 5-spice or sharp licorice, so small dashes are plenty in your recipes. Anise aids digestions, builds immunity, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Oh, sweet, warming cinnamon. Powerful in aiding digestion, cinnamon also helps to lower blood sugar, so it’s especially beneficial in baked goods and for diabetics. Extra bonus—it’s loaded with antioxidants and may help lower cholesterol.

Spicy, sumptuous, and somewhat scandalous, the taste of cloves reflects its benefits. It’s stimulating to the circulation while relaxing to the digestive tract, so it speeds up movement while allowing for a smooth passage. All aboard.

It’s a bit of a kicker, somewhat peppery-sweet. Nutmeg speeds up digestion and also helps with sleep. Talk about sweet dreams.

It tastes so good, and it does just as good for the tummy. Peppermint soothes the stomach, relaxes the intestines, reduces reflux, and alleviates gas. Bring on the candy canes.

Being a savory spice, compared to all the sweets, rosemary isn’t an obvious contender. But it’s just as effective as the rest, and it should be incorporated into your holiday sweets, as well. Rosemary increases the immune system, metabolism, and circulation. It aids digestion and reduces inflammation. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

How to Use Them:
•    Add to coffees, teas, and hot cocoa
•    Add extra spice to pies and desserts
•    Whisk into yogurt for breakfast or whipped cream for dessert toppings
•    Rub onto meats before roasting or broiling
•    Toss with EVOO and veggies for a sweet and seasonal roasted side dish
•    Whisk into EVOO and lemon juice for a seasonal raw salad
•    Add to mashed potatoes to help digest heavy starches

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