Spotlight on: Asparagus!

Most people get up and cheer when spring hits. The weather warms, flowers begin to blossom, everyone gets a little randy. But when it comes to celebrating spring’s harvest, I think the seasonal vegetables take a backseat to the other joys of this time of year.

Asparagus is a prime example of a commonly known yet heavily underutilized vegetable, and that’s a shame because fresh, seasonal asparagus is simply a treat.

Asparagus happens to be a perfect vegetable for spring, as it naturally assists in the “spring cleaning” of our bodies — just in time for the usual cleansing and weight loss programs we go through to fit into our new polka dot bikinis. It reduces phlegm and mucus, acts as a diuretic, and is highly anticarcinogenic. Eat asparagus and be cleansed!

Crisp, slightly sweet, and reminiscent of broccoli, asparagus is a vegetable that tastes best when prepared minimally. It pairs exceptionally well with “white” things (think French cuisine). White wine, butter, garlic, sea salt, cheese, and fresh herbs — these are the things asparagus makes the best of friends with. Try it chopped in a fresh salad with tomatoes and basil, steamed with butter and almonds, or pureed with cream and white wine for a sultry vegetarian soup.

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