The Ethics of Eating: A Book Collection

Most everyone is trying to go green these days, especially with Hollywood celebrities and A-listers  leading the way for the rest of the concerned population. Arguably the biggest arena of consumerism reflecting green efforts is also the tastiest: food. Problem is, there are seemingly a million different perspectives on what it means to eat “green.”

Organic versus local produce? Reduce versus reuse? Vegan plant food or free-range animals? Support artisans or make your own? Fairly-traded or locally-produced foods?

To shed some light onto what it means to be a concerned consumer, the San Francisco Chronicle has rounded up a list of their favorite food books. Now, these aren’t trendy celebrity chef cookbooks for the budding foodie. Rather, they are thoughtful and insightful books written to guide the fool with the fork through the ethics of eating and by examining what it means to be a conscious consumer at the dinner table.

If you find yourself aimlessly rambling through the grocery aisles, debating whether to buy the local potato chips or the organic kale chips from Italy, maybe you should skip out on both—and instead go home with a good book or two.

We’re curious, what does “green” eating mean to you? How do you determine ethics within your food choices? Comments will be shared with other readers.

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