Feeling Ravenous? Blame the Moon for Your Cravings

Each body naturally fluctuates in weight, hunger, and overall energy levels over any given period of time, a sad fact of biology that many a woman in particular can attest to. One week, you may feel light, active, and fresh, and another, you might feel downright dumpy, heavy, and sluggish.

Over the past few days, I had been feeling particularly hungry. Not necessarily craving junk foods, but legitimately getting the urge to snack or have a meal more often than usual. I’d find myself looking at the clock at 10:00am, wondering just how much longer I could make it until lunch time–lunchtime, at ten in the morning!

As a cook and food writer, it’s only natural that I should be predisposed to being (frankly) obsessed with food, but these meal cravings had been stronger than usual. Reaching out to Facebook, where I,  like millions of others, maintain normal conversations throughout the day with my extended social network of friends that I actually see rarely (if at all), but engage with on a daily basis, I announced: So hungry lately!

And the response I got back?

We are, too! My “friends” chimed in unison with their growling e-bellies.

As coincidence would have it, I accidentally refreshed my web browser during one of these “Huh” Facebook moments this week, and my home page refreshed itself to www.die.net/moon/, a site which shows the current phase of the moon in real time. Today, at this moment, while my stomach roars on in perpetual hunger, and my social network joins me in announcing our shared appetites, I see that we are in “new moon” phase. That is, once we experience a “full moon,” that giant ball of cheese out there wanes until its visibility in the sky vanishes, and we see nothing but a black sky during this period of “new” moon-ness.

Well, I thought, a new moon, and we are all hungry. Is there a link?

After digging around a bit, I found a website that describes the “Effects of the Eight Moon Phases on Your Personal Reality.” This highly detailed chart, which reflects how a full moon, new moon, or any phase in between affects your mood, mind,  energy, and more,  confirmed my suspicions!

On the new moon (which is today), the appetite increases, and it continues to grow until the moon is full and high in the sky, whereby it decreases along with the moon’s visibility, cycling back once more toward the new moon, that black sky.

We’ve long since known that the connection between the moon’s cycles and a woman’s (hello, 28-day cycle!), but this chart takes the idea of gravitational pull one step farther, and it outlines the areas of our lives that web and flow in conjunction with the moon’s rising and falling.

Whether or not you believe in astrology, a science which claims to link personality traits to the order of the cosmos when you were born, it’s a bit more difficult to argue the effects of gravity on our lives. Or is it?

Either way, I can feel a bit comforted trusting that my appetite will only thrive a few more days, until the “Gibbons” moon when my body will feel the urge to exercise and my appetite will level out again. And to all me Facebook friends out there, don’t worry; there’s hope for you too. Just a few more days of eating with the moon, and we’ll be back into our skinny jeans by the next full moon.

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