Toys Banned From Happy Meals: The Battle of the Bulge Continues

Last week, we wrote about McDonald’s winning a small case in the suit against the corporation by two overweight teenagers. Eight years ago, the two obese children sued McDonald’s as being responsible for their weight and health issues, as a result of manipulative promoting and misleading advertising. And this week, we caught word of an even heftier headline in the news—the news that San Francisco has voted to ban toys from McDonald’s Happy Meals.

According to the new ordinance, scheduled to go into effect December 2011, no Happy Meals totaling more than 600 calories may contain toys for children.

Eric Mar, who supervised the ban effort against Happy Meal toys, touts the need for such measures to be taken across the county, not just in San Francisco. The ban is a crucial step, according to Mar, in fighting childhood obesity and the illnesses that follow it, including diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. The cost of fighting such national illnesses is in the billions, and as tax-paying consumers, we should take a stance.



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