Vegetables Make You Glow, Study Shows

My mother used to tell me a story about her brother who, as a child, loved eating carrots. He loved eating carrots so much, as the tale goes, that his skin would often take on an orange hue from the vegetables themselves. He’d get teased at school, or at the very least, by my mother and her other brother, and scolded by my grandmother for eating too many carrots yet again. So the tale goes.

Image my surprise when I heard of a study which proved that my mother’s tale may have been spot on truth.

The journal Evolution and Human Behaviour recently found that eating foods high in carotenoids (such as carrots) gives you a “glow” that beats even a real sun tan.

Carrots aren’t the only foods rich in carotenoids, although they are a strong contender. Carotenoids are what give carrots their orange hue (and possibly my poor uncle, back in his day), but they are also found in leafy greens, root vegetables, and some fruits.

Not only did eating carrots make individuals “glow,” it also made them more attractive in tests, the journal reports. Now that’s something we could all bite into.

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