Asuncion Ridge: Paso Robles Winery & Inn

The 320-acre Asuncion Ridge Paso Robles Winery and Inn is a private hilltop ranch. Nestled comfortably within a forest filled with hundred year old oaks, this Inn is luxuriously surrounded by unobstructed ocean and hillside views. If you are looking for a special place to relax and find your inner peace, then this is it.

This Inn is just minutes away from several wineries and restaurants in the Paso Robles area. Visitors can sip the local wines in the privacy of you suite, or tour the nearby wineries and taste their wines en locale.

On our drive up to Asuncion Ridge, we passed cow pastures, stopped to look at some wild flowers and old oak trees, and very narrowly missed the many happy squirrels and lizards that dashed in front of our cars!

An outdoor cat waited to greet me; a most propitious beginning, I feel. There I was, standing at an elevation of 2,000 ft with spectacular views of Morro bay below me and the great vistas of Pinot Noir vineyards and mountains behind me.

Philip, the winemaker, Chef, host and inn keeper greeted us. After treating us to some local cheese paired with a nice Pinot Noir and crackers, he guided us to our suites.

The inn has 3 suites, named Pinot Noir, Syrah and Zinfandel. We stayed at the Pinot Noir, which was large and spacious, a nearly 1000 sq.ft. of private space, featuring a hand carved king sized bed, a stone fireplace, two seating areas and a large imported limestone bath with an extra deep bathtub and an oversize walk in shower.

The Zinfandel suite’s 1930 Art Deco décor was completed by the queen sized bed, patio, hardwood floors, large antique marble bath with extra deep bathtub and separate walk in shower.

The Syrah suite had antique furnishings, a queen sized bed, private intimate patio, hardwood floors, antique marble bath with extra deep bathtub and expansive ocean views.

As soon as we unpacked, we wandered curiously through the inn, absorbing all the antiques in the house. They have all been collected by Philip. The exterior of the inn was well manicured, particularly set up for hummingbirds to play in the bird bath up front. Towards the back of the inn, a delightful vegetable garden was teeming with fresh herbs, tomatoes, zucchini, onions and carrots.

Before bedtime, I soaked in a full sized bathtub, getting an eyeful of the magnificent view from a window facing the vineyards while I soaked. It was a dream come true – the hot bath, the views and the delectable glass of Pinot Noir in my hand, made exclusively by Asuncion ridge.

Given the amount of forestry here, it wasn’t surprising to hear cows mooing outside at night. I spotted some deer as well, prancing their way through the pastures.

Philip outdid himself at breakfast. A lightly cooked egg pancake-like omelet covered in freshly cooked   blueberries that had been rendered down to syrup. He called it the ‘blueberry omelet’. In addition to the omelet, we enjoyed granola, cereal, fresh fruit, coffee and tea.

I took some fantastic pictures of the scenery at Asuncion Ridge. I am especially in love with this beautiful picture of our first sunset there.

The hazy, meandering paths that led up to the distant hillsides were very tempting to follow. I took a picture instead.

All in all, a petty perfect trip, and one that I wouldn’t mind repeating in the near future!


Any reader that mentions “Wine & Food Travel” will receive a 25% discount on stay at the inn for 2 nights or longer. And of course, for more information visit the website or call for reservations.

For more information about Asuncion Ridge Inn, please visit:

: 1 (805) 461-0675

Sonya Lee

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