Boating Maui Style

There’s a sense of freedom when boating in Maui waters–the wind in your hair, the salt spray of the Pacific, the horizon disappearing over the curve of the earth.

Although there are several boat companies to choose from, only a couple offer you the true freedom of deciding where to go and what to do.

If you want 100% freedom at your fingertips, contact Sea Escape Boat Rentals. Choose from two different styles of boats and set off into the blue seas of Maui, reaching Molokini Crater in as little as fifteen minutes. You decide where you want to go because you are the captain. Don’t worry about launching or cleaning, they do it for you. No license is needed but previous boating experience is required.

Glacier Bay with Sea Escape Boat Rentals

If you want the freedom of deciding where to go but don’t want to be in charge of the boat, try Exclusive North Shore Charters.

A charter with Exclusive North Shore Charters includes an experienced boat captain and a cooler full of beverages.  With room for up to six people, they can take you snorkeling, diving, fishing or sight seeing along the North shore of Molokai with the tallest sea cliffs in the world. It’s your charter and it’s your choice.

The Wendy Seas exploring a cave with Exclusive North Shore Charters

With these two boat companies, the only thing you have to do is decide where you want to go.

For more information on Sea Escape Boat Rentals and Exclusive North Shore Charters, please visit the following links:

Sea Escape

Exclusive North Shore Charters

Nadine Nettmann

Nadine has a taste for travel, adventure, delicious food and a great glass of wine. A foodie from a young age, she loves trying meals from around the world and does her best to travel and dine on a budget. Originally from Los Angeles, Nadine and her husband stored 95% of their belongings and moved to Maui with two suitcases in 2006. She is an avid cook and while she loves living on the island, she will admit she misses some of her kitchen appliances in storage. When she’s not baking a cake or out on the water, she can be found at her computer working on her novel.

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