Cooking and Yoga: The Perfectly Balanced “Foodie Experience”

The world of food & wine, and its audience has grown tremdously as the “fresh food movement” continues to grow. Many of you might have noticed that it has begun to form fascinating and, at times, even peculiar relationships with other activities and that at first appear to have nothing to do with food and wine in the first place. One example of such relationships is cooking and yoga, which can appear almost controversial at first glance.

You may or may not know of Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School in Sicily, Italy. If you know of it – good for you! If not, then here’s what you should know: It is a purely Italian cooking school that has been operating for more than two decades, it hosts a bunch of cooking workshops, retreats and holidays, it has its own winery and, more importantly,  Jamie Oliver has visited it. So now, all of a sudden, this fairly traditional and prestigious  all-Italian “foodie-heaven” joins forces with Sushumna Yoga School far away in Goa, India and decides to organize a retreat in Sicily, which will have participants stretching in the morning and indulging in the evening – a funky combination, isn’t it?

Well, actually this idea makes a lot of sense. You see, the “Italian view on food”, which is also largely a part of Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School’s philosophy,  is very healthy – raw ingredients shall be seasonal, local and the shorter the way from scratch to the plate, the better.  This is exactly, where the yoga comes into the picture, because apparently, purification is a huge part of “yogic lifestyle” and a purified body should get pure nutrition, which means natural, chemical-, additive-, preservative-free food that hasn’t been sourced from “God-knows-where thousands of miles away”. As a bonus, this holiday will not have you worrying about your portion sizes and numerous second helpings, because all the sweaty yoga workouts will balance it out – sweet! And who knows, maybe you’ll even see Mr. Oliver himself throwing a few backbends to work up his appetite…



If Cooking & Yoga – Sicilian Retreat at Case Vecchie sounds like something you’d enjoy, visit to read more about what is being offered and how to join.

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Remember Wine & Food Travel readers receive a preferred client discount , so do reference the promo code WAFT to obtain your discount of 75 EUR discount off regular price.


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