Dining in Prague

For many travelers, the dining experience can be quite daunting when outside of your homeland.  We are fortunate at WAFT to have many of our writers who have traveled or reside in other great parts of the world and who continue to share their travel advice and experiences to help us all along the way. If you are venturing out for Europe this season and Prague is one of your destinations, this dining guide is a “must read”.  If you are like many of us, planning your next vacation, this may entice you to make Prague a destination of choice, if not for the dining then at least for the views.

Dining out in Prague

The cosmopolitan city of Prague has an excellent variety of restaurants and bars to suit all budgets. The traditional Czech cuisine has received some bad press in the past, but in the last ten years or so Prague’s restaurants and pubs have pulled traditional Czech food into the 21st century. Prague is home to some excellent fine dining restaurants, perfect for couples on romantic weekend breaks to Prague. There are also cheap places where you can grab a tasty bite, a choice of fun international restaurants, veggie options and places to go with children.


Traditional Czech Dishes

You’ll easily be able to get your hands on traditional Czech dishes in Prague at the small pubs and restaurants in the central and outer regions of the city. If the hearty fare doesn’t take your fancy, Prague has lots of international options and many Prague restaurants offer “lighter twists” on the classic dishes. The typical meals that you’ll find will usually consist of meat served with thick sauces. These dishes are normally accompanied with a side dish of dumplings, potatoes or rice.   Another traditional Czech staple are hearty soups made with Goulash is another popular Czech dish – a thick, rich broth of meat and vegetables and piquant spices.lots of vegetables, chicken or beef. Soups are an important part of Czech cuisine and are served with, dumplings, dark wholemeal or rye bread.


Romantic Restaurants in Prague

If you’re on a couples break to Prague you should spoil yourselves at the restaurants near the river in the Mala Strana and Old Town districts. The restaurants here have excellent views of the river and Prague castle, which look truly exquisite when they’re lit up at night.  Palffy Palac specialises in traditional dishes with a French influence. The excellent food is perfectly complemented by the candlelit dining room and grand atmosphere of the palace surroundings in Mala Strana. Sit on the first floor terrace for an unforgettable restaurant experience in Prague. Gitanes, also in Mala Strana, is a charming restaurant, perfect for couples who love seafood and steak. It even has a private couple’s room which you can book out for your meal. U Sadlu in Old Town is great for couples who want to try authentic Czech food.  The medieval décor creates a fun atmosphere for hearty dishes like roast duck and there’s lots of cheap beer.

Family Restaurants in Prague

For a memorable meal out with the children in Prague head to the Vytopna Restaurant. This restaurant has a waiter that will amuse both adults and kids – the drinks at the Vytopna Restaurant are served to you from a miniature railway! The railway has roughly on hundred metres of track that goes all around the restaurant, perfect for entertaining everyone throughout the meal!


Eating Out with a Group

If entertainment whilst you eat is right up your street, head to the Medieval Tavern in the middle of Old Town. It’s a fantastic venue for groups – enjoy a proper medieval themed feast whislt the staff, dressed up in full costume, juggle, dance, jest and sword fight around you.  The Plzenska Beer Hall Restaurant is a brilliant venue for groups who want a lively ambience and tasty food. The Beer Hall has a completely individual character – with all the atmosphere of a traditional beer hall but set in a beautiful art Nouveau building.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague

Most of the restaurants in Prague offer vegetarian options, mostly pasta and risotto dishes. However, there is an increasing number of vegetarian and vegan joints popping up in the city, where you’ll find more variety and chefs that like to use fresh, local ingredients.  A popular vegetarian restaurant is Lehka Hlava. It’s a chic vegetarian place that has a great location within one of Prague’s historical town houses. The menu has dishes inspired by Mexico, Japan and Spanish tapas, and the colourful décor and projected videos give Lehka Hlava a new age atmosphere.




About the author: Stephanie is the local expert for Prague for lowcostholidays.com, providers of cheap flights and weekend breaks to Prague.

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