An affordable Spa Getaway…it does exist

 If you are looking for a quick summer getaway that involves some “R&R” and pitching a tent was not what you had in mind, you may want to consider a spa getaway.  Spas are not “women only” vacations as more services and facilities are catering to men, the spa getaway has become the new alternative to a bed and breakfast getaway.  As a spa lover, I have had the pleasure of visiting spas within North America, Costa Rica, Thailand, India and Hong Kong.  Of course nothing can compare to a spa experience that is situated on a hot springs overlooking a volcano, but there are quite a few that offer comparable scenery at a fraction of the price.I recently came across an article about “The Standard” spa and resort located in Miami, Florida and was reminded of what a great spa experience I have had each and every time I have visited.  “The Standard” was one of many old Florida hotels that have been modernized. This one however has been made into a chic, ultra modern and yet casual environment that offers world renowned hydrotherapy, lounge garden, and yoga on the dock at rates that are surprisingly affordable.  While living in Florida, “The Standard” became a “must see” recommendation for my guests and a much needed weekend or day getaway for myself.



The spa is known for its hydrotherapy, a treatment that involves an outdoor water circuit that includes an aroma steam room, outdoor waterfall, hot tub, arctic plunge and outdoor shower (clothing required).  Of course my favourite is the hammam (an indoor lounge area of heated marble) where you can warm up your body temperature and then move to one of they DIY treatment rooms.  The DIY options are plentiful and affordable and include a DIY scrub, relaxing aromatherapy bath and even a mudroom.  Bring a girlfriend or go as a couple, the entire spa is co-ed.  If you feel the need to be “one with nature”, you can enjoy a cool bath outside overlooking the intercoastal waterways and even watch the sunset.  Enticed? You should be, the DIY holistic baths and mud treatments start at $30.



I am sure for many, the idea of being in Florida in the middle of summer may be like asking someone to stay in a steam room for their entire vacation. Having said that, Miami is hot but so is most of the country these days.  If you are looking for something more local, “The Standard” also has locations in downtown LA, Hollywood and New York.  I have personally been to the Miami and NY locations, both of which have met my “spa experience” expectations–which are high.  So, if you are in the mood for a quick getaway for the day or the weekend, check out “The Standard”.  You might be surprised to find that it can costs as little as camping, and you don’t have to pitch a tent!


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 Photo credit for first photo – Miami by night (Flickr)

Phot credit for second and third photo – Rauche Dickson (Flickr)


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  1. Awesome post.. These hotels looks very beautiful. The pictures you have shared are wonderful. These hotels are perfect for the couples. I would love to spend my holidays there. 

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