Traveling to France Through a Meal in Hawaii

When you stand at the open entrance of  1115 Bethel Street, you are in Chinatown, in downtown Honolulu, but when you step inside, you are transported to a charming brasserie in the South of France. More specifically you have stepped into Brasserie Du Vin. The charming tables for two with cafe chairs, the brass railing at the bar, the open garden seating, antiques, & art combine in an effort to make you scratch your head and check your passport.

Once you claim your little nook under an umbrella or next to the musicians, lay your white linen napkin across your lap, and pick up the menu, you will find such classic fare as soup du jour, moules frites, escargots, duck confit, & creme brule, just to name a few. You can also be tugged back to your geographic reality by such items as pan fried, island raised moi.

For your sipping pleasure you can peruse the Menu de Boisson, which offers over 250 wine selections from just about every point on the globe. Of course, if you are in the mood for a cocktail, there is a full bar sporting at least 20 different vodkas, and a variety of gins, tequilas & scotches, along with an equally global beer selection.

Brasserie Du Vin opened it’s doors in 2006 by Dave & Mari Stewart. On the edges of Chinatown & in the center of Honolulu’s Arts District. The Hawaii Theatre stands proudly across the street and is flanked by art galleries, restaurants and bars. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon snack, dinner before a show at the theatre, or anytime in between.

The next time you are in Hawaii and you have had your fill of luau fare, plate lunches & Asian fusion, all you need to do is step through these doors for a little taste of something French. Chances are you’ll find me there, sipping a glass of Zin with the owners, pictured below. Cheers!

Bastille Day 2010

Take a tour of Du Vin on their website:

Heidi Anderson

Heidi is a professional photographer & writer, eater & drinker in Honolulu, Hawaii. After attending The Academy of Art in San Francisco, she opened a children's photography studio in Los Gatos, CA, but eventually the pull of the Islands brought her back to Hawaii to open a studio there. She has become a renowned children's photographer & has since cultivated her food lust by photographing food for local restaurants, as well as collaborating on a Cuban cookbook project where she is the photographer, writer & recipe tester. With her motto being: Will Work For Food, she also documents her pursuit to "eat, drink & be merry" on her food blog, Swigs & Grinds. You can find her at &

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  1. I loved the Brasserie du Vin. The mussels were fresh and tasty (I’m always suspicious of mussels at a restaurant not near the ocean). Great wine recommendations and selections… a good find in Hawaii.


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