Sonoma Wineries: Pack a Picnic for a Romantic Proposal!

My friend Mike wants to propose to his long standing girlfriend Sally in the most romantic, most perfect spot that we could find in the Sonoma valley. Both Mike and Sally being ardent wine lovers, proposing to her in one of Mike’s favorite Sonoma wineries seemed to be the perfect way to start their new life together.

The only problem is that there are so many wonderful Sonoma wineries, that it is difficult to choose the best picnic spot. Of the roughly 275 wineries in Sonoma County, more than 50 have picnic facilities. Mike and I decided to do some homework and find out the best vineyard for the great event. After all, a marriage proposal is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, isn’t it? It stands to reason then that it should be done in a one of a kind place as well.

Matanzas Creek Sonoma Winery is a burst of lavender against a canvas of greens and purples framed organically in twined tree branches. It’s a lovely green paradise and many couples walk the quaint lanes, enjoying the pure air and the organic atmosphere.

Chateau St. Jean Sonoma Winery has two picnic grounds, a closed-in rose garden in back which might serve our purpose. This vineyard also has a small deli that sells fine panini as well as cheeses and salami, baguettes, and pasta and bean salads. Excellent choice overall, considering there’s plenty of food to be had, as well.

Paradise Ridge Sonoma Winery is located at 800 feet above sea level and has fabulous views of the farmland surrounding Santa Rosa. This winery feels as though one needs to be told about it first, it’s hard to imagine this beauty otherwise. Wine tasting is free here, and the wines are outstanding. Picnic tables are laid out in the balcony, where Mike could technically propose in the early evening while overlooking a magnificent sunset.

Hanna Winery Sonoma Winery has cute two-person stone tables that overlook hills and vineyards are laid out in this winery. At $5 for 4 wine tastings, it makes perfect money sense to enjoy a picnic in this scenic winery, and enjoy many different varietals.  There’s a big old oak tree that has a picnic table under it. Ideal place for a proposal?

Stryker Sonoma Winery’s picnic area is a meticulously maintained lawn with a great view of vineyards all around. Mike could buy a bottle of their best wines and take it outside on the picnic lawn.

Gundlach Bundschu Sonoma winery has open, lovely grounds and a well laid out homestead that is surrounded by green hills and beautiful vistas. The scenery certainly makes for the right settings. A nice romantic spot close to the hills in the background should be the ticket.

Arrowood Sonoma Winery has a beautiful homestead situated in the middle of colorful landscaping. A porch wraps around the winery. Parts of this winery are thickly wooded, with picnic tables dotted underneath some big trees. The homestead is set against the backdrop of green rolling hills.

Mike finally proposed to Sally in the Paradise Ridge Winery, on a weekday, at dusk. She was surprised and did not expect it. Congratulations to them both!

Sonoma Wineries – Pack a Picnic For A Romantic Proposal!

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  1. I have heard the grounds @ Bart Park are very romantic as well, with picnic areas looking over vineyards.  Did u check this place out as well?  Just trying to cover all my bases for this important moment.  Thanks!

  2. Mike, Thanks for sharing! We’ll have to take a look at that winery. I’ve never heard of it but it would be nice to learn of more picnic friendly wineries. Cheers!

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