California’s Winery Region Guide

If California were an independent nation, it would be accoladed as the fourth largest producer of wine in the world. Still, owing to the flavors gained because of its diverse, amazing terroir, California wine has gained world recognition.

California contains 107 American Viticulture Areas (AVAs), out of a total of 188 AVAs in the entire United States. Each AVA is a clearly marked, distinct winegrape growing area recognized by the U.S. government. That in itself is no less of a testament to the various diverse microclimates in the state. Apart from this, California produces over 60,000 registered wine labels.

All of this is due to the amazing wineries dotted all over the California wine country.

Paso Robles Wine Country

One of the foremost among the winery California is the Paso Robles Wine Country. It is California’s fastest growing wine region and one of the largest geographic appellations. This 24 square mile territory encompasses more than 26,000 vineyard acres and nearly 200 wineries. Paso Robles wines have made it to the top of national and international rankings and are widely acclaimed internationally as the most promising of California’s wine regions.

San Luis Obispo Wine Country

The San Luis Obispo wine growing county contains over 26,400 acres of wine grapes, out of which Cabernet Sauvignon occupies 8,600 acres, with Merlot coming second taking up 4,000 acres. The San Luis Obispo winery California is home to about 110 wineries. The Santa Barbara County claims Chardonnay as the predominant grape with 8,000 acres, with Pinot Noir following with 2,900 acres. This region has almost 90 wineries. Visit this region for a good quality Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, and some sharp Sauvignons and Rieslings.

San Diego Wine Country

The San Diego wine growing region may be winery California’s smallest, but is rich in multiple micro climates and diverse soils that produce very fine Chardonnays, Cabernets and Zinfandels. The Mendocino County Wine region brings you delicately spiced Gewiurztraminer and lightly leafy Sauvignon to big, meaty Cabernets and Zinfandels. The famed Napa County wine region produces some of the very best Chardonnays, Cabernets and Merlots that the international market has ever tasted. The Sonoma County wine region produces some of the best Chardonnays, Pinot Noir and sparkling wine that California has to offer.

Carneros Wine Country

The Carneros wine region borders the Napa and Sonoma regions. This area is blessed with a distinct micro climate and soil conditions that brings out the flavors in their exquisite Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and sparkling wine. The Sierra Foothill wine region of the central winery California valley is home to award winning Zinfandels, delicate Rieslings, Sauvignons and dark Cabernets.

Livermore Valley Wine Country

The Livermore wine region lies east of San Francisco Bay in the central California valley. It is historically famous for blends of a Bordeaux style. However, it has since widened its offerings; you may now find some wonderful wine, including sparkling wines.

Santa Clara Wine Country

The Santa Clara wine region produces succulent Montebello Cabernets and award-winning Lytton Springs Zinfandel made from Sonoma grapes. The cooler coastal winery California Santa Cruz wine region produces wonderful Pinot Noirs along with genuine original wines from Marsanne, Roussanne, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre vines.

Monterey Wine Country

The Monterey wine growing region, just below San Francisco produces fine wines from cool climate grapes such as Pinot Noir, Riesling and Chenin Blanc.

California’s Winery Region Guide

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