Dragon Fruit and Rambutan: An Exotic Fruit Salad

I was walking through the open Market on Fort Street, in downtown Honolulu yesterday, happy to live in Hawaii on such a beautiful September day and was suddenly awestruck, the way only a girl who thinks about food non-stop can be. I was surrounded by the most exotic, beautiful, strange & even scary looking fruits and vegetables. Many things I recognized, some I knew well, and many… well I had been meaning to set up a date with many of them, and I realized today was going to be that day.

So I mustered up my confidence, sauntered over to a plump, pink, intriguing fellow & asked, “What’s your name”? Turns out his name was Dragon Fruit. Sexy, right? If this fruit had a job it would be tattoo artist, that’s how cool it is. Even though he’s in the cactus family, he’s smooth and sweet, almost like a kiwi got tangled up with a radish. Very interesting. Then he introduced me to a bunch of his friends, the  Rambutan’s. Turns out I know their cousins, the Lychee’s, so I knew we would be great friends. I coughed up $5.99 each for them (they’re expensive dates), and the three of us walked off arm & arm, so to speak.

We got to my place, I photographed them and then we got down to business. Seemed like an exotic fruit salad was in order.

I put these guys into a bowl with green grapes, orange segments, blueberries, raspberries, a little grated ginger, some fresh mint & a tiny bit of feta cheese, that’s right, feta cheese. You should have seen them dance. It was a great party. You should have them over sometime….

Heidi Anderson

Heidi is a professional photographer & writer, eater & drinker in Honolulu, Hawaii. After attending The Academy of Art in San Francisco, she opened a children's photography studio in Los Gatos, CA, but eventually the pull of the Islands brought her back to Hawaii to open a studio there. She has become a renowned children's photographer & has since cultivated her food lust by photographing food for local restaurants, as well as collaborating on a Cuban cookbook project where she is the photographer, writer & recipe tester. With her motto being: Will Work For Food, she also documents her pursuit to "eat, drink & be merry" on her food blog, Swigs & Grinds. You can find her at www.swigsandgrinds.blogspot.com & www.keikiphoto.com

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