Picking the Best Drinks for Your Next Party


Picking a wine for your next big party, poker game, or other gathering can be a difficult task, as you’ll need to juggle a lot of different factors and preferences when making your selection. Not everyone is a wine expert  which can complicate the task even further; the good news, however, is that with a little research and planning, the task is far from daunting and you’ll be picking wine like a pro for your next party. You may even be the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

The first thing to remember is to relax as it’s actually hard to go to wrong when picking wine for a party as long as you stay away from “Boone’s Farm” or any wine that comes in a box (although some of today’s boxed wines actually aren’t that terrible). As long as you keep the good times and wine flowing many of your guests will be happy enough, as most parties are far from formal events with strict wine etiquette. If you do find yourself thrust into the role of picking out wine for a formal affair, wedding, or other event and have no clue what you’re doing, don’t be ashamed to hit the eject button and hire a party planner with plenty of experience.

For casual house events such as home poker parties, choosing what to drink on a home poker game will be a lot simpler compared to formal meet-ups. Home poker games usually consists of men, and for men, beer will be on the top of the list. Busch, Bud or Guinness will be a good choice. For ladies, “Drink hacker’s Big Blind Cocktail” is a fine option.

For casual “get togethers” your main goal is to provide a nice selection of wine, so be sure to pick up a mix of red and white wines in both light and robust varieties. Steer clear of the absolute cheapest wines, but you also don’t need to overspend as plenty of very decent wines can be bought today for under $20. Make sure you also provide non-alcoholic choices as well; fruit juices are a great choice and can be served in wine glasses so that the non-drinkers don’t feel awkward or out of place.

Be sure to open any bottles of wine that your guests might bring as gifts, even if it’s not something you would have picked yourself. It’s easy for guests to feel slighted if you bring a gift that’s set to the side and ignored. And last but not least, make time to have a good time yourself, as having a good time is definitely infectious so try as much as you can to not sweat too many details and be a nervous host, as many guests can pick up on that vibe themselves if you’re frantically worried about everyone enjoying themselves.


Credits:  Seth Shafer is a content writer for many publications. Seth also enjoys travelling and playing poker of course!
Photo Credit: Retrofuture – Flickr

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