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Last week, Real Food Daily (RFD) formally opened its doors to the local community in Pasadena, CA.   Most restaurant openings are precluded by the typical renovations, decorating and food preparation. For this restaurant, things were quite different as they prepared for their opening with a “dress rehearsal.  Much like a Broadway musical, RFD has a story. The founder, Anne Gentry opened the doors to their first location in 1993 after serving clients through her catering business for over 5 years.  What’s different about this former caterer? Her menu is completely vegan …and it’s delicious.

Anne’s story continued despite a few setbacks including an earthquake that followed rebuilding her first location. Through this process, she remained committed to her mission; to create a restaurant with a 100% vegan menu that is healthful, delicious and supports locally grown foods.   RFD is the only restaurant in the area that serves a 100% vegetarian (vegan) menu and one of the few that uses foods grown exclusively with organic farming methods. Since her humble beginnings, Anne has come a long way, opening her second and now third location. RFD has also been featured in some the most nationally recognized publications and TV shows, including the NBC evening news, “Bon Appétit” magazine and more publications than I can mention.

Even if you enjoy meat, this restaurant is sure to delight with a menu that  features some amazing entrees such as” Tac-o-town“ and “Pizza Ya Can Eatza.”  Forget Chinese take-out, you can order from RFD online and have it delivered.  With a selection of amazing sandwiches, wraps and even reinvented TV dinners, you can’t lose.

The innovation and entrepreneurship that has come together to create beautiful, healthy whole foods from sustainable and local sources is nothing short of admirable.  We are in awe of the business success Anne has created, nurtured, and grown through this idea while remaining committed to her mission.  It is certain that this is not the end of Anne’s story and the many acts to follow.


Real Food Daily Pasadena, CA

899 East Del Mar Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106

Phone: (626) 844-8900




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