Australian Wines Below $20 to Try

 Australia is one of the major wine producers and exporters in the world. With more than seventy wineries found in the country, it exports around 750 million liters of wine to the international market each year. With this number, it is safe to say that Australian wines are also some of the best-tasting wines in the planet. This year, expand your collection by trying out these top Australian wines below $20.



 Australian Riesling is considered superior Riesling by many wine experts. This year, add to your collection a bottle of DANDELION VINEYARD RIESLING 2012 and enjoy its bursting fruit aroma and crisp and crunchy fruit flavors. Dandelion Vineyards are among the enduring vineyards in the country and is obviously one of the best producers of fine-tasting wine. One proof is its 2010 vintage winning the gold medal at the Royal Brisbane Wine Show.


 Definitely the most widely produced wine in Australia, and undeniably, one of the most criticized. Remove all the doubt once and for all by trying out the PENNYS HILL CRACKING BLACK MCLAREN VALE SHIRAZ 2009 this year. Packed with aromatic flavor and taste of blackberry fruit and chocolate, this wine from Ben Riggs is a perfect expression of what the McLaren Vale wine region does best. Reasons to try it? It’s made by the same producers of two first-class Shiraz “The Skeleton Key” and “Footprint”


 For your rose wine collection, a good choice this year would be the FREIXENET CORDON ROSADO BRUT NV. Its name may be hard to pronounce, but it’s very soft on the palate with its clean, crisp, and well-balanced flavor. A true “brut,” this rose wine has been referred to as one of the most “remarkable sparklers for the money.” It’s not a surprise at all why it’s also the best-selling imported sparkling wine in the world today.

Cabernet Sauvignon

 One of the best Cab Sauvignon wines to try this year is the EVANS & TATE GNANGARA CAB SAUV 2010. It will offer you an aroma of blackcurrant, briar, and a hint of spearmint lift as well as blackcurrant and spicy oak flavors. It hasn’t won an award yet, but the fact that it’s produced by iconic Margaret River winery is enough reason for you to add this to your wine collection.


 If there’s one Australian merlot you should check out this year, it’s definitely ROGER HARBORD COONAWARRA MERLOT 2010. What else should I say? It’s made by a man with more than twenty years of experience and has over 500 trophies and awards under his belt. With its light and elegant finish, it’s an excellent pair for game dishes and red meat.


About the Author: Stephen John is a food and wine enthusiast. He blogs about food, wine, and culture and writes wine reviews for a living. He recommends WineMarket website for the best australian red wines and white wines to try this 2013.



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