Etty’s Wine Pick: Odoardi Savuto 2005

This awesome red blend which combines a host of obscure varieties indigenous to Calabria – the toe on Italy’s boot – is hyper earthy. Deep aromas and flavors of horse saddle leather, mushrooms, dirt (sounds weird but it’s amazing), tobacco, and red cherry yield a truly unique wine that is a pure expression of the soils on which it was grown. This is an OUTRAGEOUS value, you’d be silly not to try it! Pair with braised lamb shoulder with herbed quinoa salad or smoky lentil and chorizo soup.

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Etty Lewensztain

About the Author: Etty Lewensztain is the founder and owner of Plonk Wine Merchants, which features organic, biodynamic and natural wines, as well as some of the best cheap wine under $20. The curly-haired, food and wine obsessed Los Angeles native cut her teeth in the wine biz running a marketing campaign to promote Chilean wine in the United States, and is certified by the esteemed Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and the American Sommelier Association. Plonk Wine Merchants specializes in hidden gems from around the globe and every bottle in the store is priced below $30.

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