Give a Rosé for Valentine’s Day

Roses may be a traditional gift on Valentine’s Day, but change things up and surprise your sweetheart with a bottle of rosé you both can share.

Pronounced rose-ay, these light pink wines emit a romantic essence and a thoughtful touch.

There are several to choose from, but the Banfi Rosa Regale Brachetto d’Acqui is a personal favorite.

Retailing for around $19-$25, this sparkling wine will coat your palate with flavors of strawberry and raspberry as tiny bubbles dance on your tongue.

Grown in the northern Italy region of Piedmont, the Rosa Regale is 7% alcohol (most table wines are around 12%) and pairs exceptionally well with chocolate.

Since the Banfi Rosa Regale pairs great with chocolate, why not pick up a box of chocolates to go along with it?

Perhaps a hand-selected box of your sweetheart’s favorites from See’s Candies or a bouquet of your loved one’s favorite Cadbury bars, which are often sold in your local grocery store.

Your thoughtfulness will be sure to win your beloved’s affection.

And if you still want to get your true love some roses as well, that wouldn’t hurt. Or maybe just buy two bottles of rosé.

For more information on Rosa Regale or to find out where Rose Regale is sold, please visit the following link:

Nadine Nettmann

Nadine has a taste for travel, adventure, delicious food and a great glass of wine. A foodie from a young age, she loves trying meals from around the world and does her best to travel and dine on a budget. Originally from Los Angeles, Nadine and her husband stored 95% of their belongings and moved to Maui with two suitcases in 2006. She is an avid cook and while she loves living on the island, she will admit she misses some of her kitchen appliances in storage. When she’s not baking a cake or out on the water, she can be found at her computer working on her novel.

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