Sippin’ Sangria

Sangria has to be one of my favorite summer drinks.  I think it’s because  it is as unsophisticated, unpretentious as an ice cold beer and yet as elegant as afternoon tea .  The humble ingredients, the simplicity in its making and casual, “laissez-faire” style of serving gives many of us permission to serve it without having to worry about the correct “wine etiquette” if you will.  I have no issues with wine etiquette, having said that, there’s a time and place.  A pool party, BBQ’s or a casual afternoon lunch on the porch calls for something that may be served even in a plastic glass. There I said it.  You can serve this in a plastic glass and not be “shunned.”  And why not?   It’s probably next to your patio dinnerware which may be (like my own), made of plastic.  Along side a summer salad or afternoon antipasto, it is the perfect accompaniment.

There are many recipes out there that you can find, but I have a trusted favorite that I have used, even this past weekend for a pool party.  (This makes for a great hostess gift as well, I might add). Without further adew, here is my time tested Sangria…originally discovered and tested in Costa Rica, but this recipe orginates in Spain…at least that is what I was told while visiting San Juan, Costa Rica on a trip many years ago.

Simple Sangria (Serves 2 Thirsty drinkers or 4-6  moderate drinkers)

-1 bottle of red wine (You can use a cheap bottle of wine as do many people here, or if you would like to stay true to the recipe, select a Tempranillo (there-6 t are a few selections from Spain that are great)

-1 bottle of sparkling orange or tangerine beverage (this is simpler than using club soda and juice)

-3-6 Tbsp of cane sugar (start with 3, adjust to taste here0

-3-4 oz of cointreau or triple sec( optional: I don’t add liqueur and it still tastes great, if so, reduce the sugar to taste)

-dash of nutmeg

-1 orange sliced

-1 peach diced

-1 apple diced

-2 cups of ice

Pour all ingredients into a pitcher and refrigerate.  Serve chilled, even in plastic cups if you like.


Recipe: Vinnie Recile

Photo credit: The Culinary Geek – (Flickr)


Vinnie recently joined the team at Wine and Food Travel as Editor in Chief. We are very excited to have her culinary experience and artistic background to draw from here at WAFT. Vinnie brings a wealth of experience in the culinary arts, professional writing and marketing. Her passion, expertise and her willingness to share her learnings with readers is a welcome contribution to the WAFT team. Vinnie also maintains a food blog where she shares many of her recipes, food experiences and adventures,

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