Top 10 Holiday Wines Twitter Tasting Notes

From Chardonneys to Rieselings, Cabernets to Merlots, we’ll be tasting and sampling a variety of Wholefoods Market’s Top 10 Holiday wines under $15 this coming November 17 at 7-8pm CST. Whether you’re looking for an affordable wine to bring to a dinner party or to impress your guests, this list should give you plenty of ideas of what’s good for the menu. Hope you enjoy these wines!

To download the tasting sheet, click here. For more information on how to follow our Twitter Tasting, join us at 8 p.m. EST on Nov. 17, and wine buyers, winemakers, and anyone who loves to taste wine and share their thoughts will gather online at Tasting notes, winery insights, and favorite pairings on six wines from Whole Foods Market’s Top 10 Holiday Wines list will be shared using #WFMWine or available below.

  1. Pascual Toso Brut Sparkling (under $11) Revel in the season with this golden sparkler, made from 100 percent Chardonnay. Soft and fresh, this is your go-to party starter.
    Tasting Notes: Soft, fresh, made from 100% Chardonnay
    Pairing: Bonhomme Brie from Isigny Ste. Mère, Brie toasts with spiced sundried tomato compote
  2. Pacific Rim Riesling (under $14) This gently sweet, jasmine-scented Riesling complements nearly everything on your Thanksgiving table. Sustainable from vine to bottle – organically grown and made.
    Tasting Notes: Gently sweet and jasmine-scented
    Pairing: Vermont Creamery Cremont, Honey-glazed ham with fresh pineapple chutney
  3. Innovac!ón Malbec-Tempranillo (under $10 for 1L) Bring home holiday cheer with this juicy, modern blend of “New World” and “Old World” grapes that taste of ripe fruit with spice and cocoa notes. A great value (and two extra glasses of wine) from the liter-sized bottle. Sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices.
    Tasting Notes: Juicy, tastes of ripe fruit with spice and cocoa notes
    Pairing: Manchego, Roasted butternut squash with sage and cranberries
  4. Earthstone Sonoma County Merlot (under $9) This soft plum and blueberry beauty, with notes of dried herbs, macerated fruit and white pepper, won’t disappoint. Sustainably farmed vineyards and produced in a solar-powered, carbon neutral winery.
    Tasting Notes: Soft plum and blueberry beauty with notes of dried herbs, macerated fruit and white pepper
    Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor, Spice-crusted roast salmon with ginger beets
  5. H&G Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon (under $15) This limited release and impressively elegant wine offers a delicate mix of red and black fruit, tannins and gentle acidity.
    Tasting Notes:
    Elegant with delicate mix of red and black fruit, tannins and gently acidity
    Pairing: Borough Market Cheddar, Cranberry and apple stuffed roasted pork
  6. Tarima Organic Monastrell (under $11) This inky, dense Monastrell offers the dark complexity of cedar, baking spices, licorice and mulberry.
    Tasting Notes:
    Notes of cedar, baking spices, licorice, and mulberry
    Pairing: Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue, Bison chili
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