Spring Visit to a Wine Land

April weather is not exactly the most predictable one as it brings rain, hailstorm, sunshine, and bleak weather in a random fashion. For some reason, the fine weather happens when we’re supposedly working and weekends are annoyingly cold and rainy. So we were über glad when one Saturday afternoon, April finally gave us a more than acceptable weather for a little drive to the countryside.

We drove to a community with a funny name. Groβklein, which means “Big Small” in English, is mainly a wine community that lies on the famous Southeastern Styria’s Wine Land.  Small wine taverns or Buschenschanken thrives in this idyllic community.

We choose to eat at a wine tavern called Wölfl.  We’ve been there once last summer and although we promised ourselves not to go to a Buschenschank twice until we visited all of them, we were not able to resist the pull of the place. Wölfl isn’t sophisticated at all and compared to other wine taverns we’ve been, this place is much plainer.  Having more or less seven tables including the ones outside and the fact that there’s just the mother and her son running the whole place make Wölfl unable to hold a big crowd. Plain, small, and unpretentious—these are the characteristics that add a special appeal to the place.

The sun was shining but it was not enough to warm the chilly spring air so we sat inside this time. After the usual chit chat with the owners, we were served by Mr. Wölfl himself.  The kitchen and the dining area are in one room so you get to see Granny Wölfl cook and bake while you eat. I would have had conversed with her if not for my poor Styrian dialect skills so instead,  I just listened to her and my husband talk about an erupting volcano somewhere in Iceland.

After the hearty meal, we went outside for a small walk. We followed the road and busied ourselves gazing at stunning sights of vineyards and of early spring blooms. After a 30 minute walk, we found ourselves on a hill with a view tower. We climbed it up hoping to get a panoramic view of the Wine Land but I was a bit disappointed when we reached the top because the atmosphere was a bit misty. If it would have been a bit warmer, the haziness of the sky would have been a bit less and we would have enjoyed a nice view. Oh well, we’ll just have to go back to that place when weather gets warmer.

We went back to the Buschenschank after the refreshing walk and requested Mr. Wölfl to show us some of their wines. He kindly led us to their modern winery and showed us what are still available. Remembering that we’ve been impressed by their wines on our first visit last year, we bought few bottles of Gelber Muskateller, Welschriesling, Weissburgunder, and Chardonnay to take home with us. The most expensive bottle cost 4 Euro. If we would buy the same bottle from a store, it would definitely cost triple its Buschenschank price. That’s one thing we love about Buschenschanken.  We can have excellent wine and food without emptying our pockets.

We lingered a bit and had a free glass of Chardonnay with Mr. Wölfl before we drove home feeling quite satisfied.


Buschenschank „Wölfl“
Schilcher Josef
Oberfahrenbach 49
8452 Großklein
+43 (0) 3456 2629

Myla Ariaga

Five years ago, Myla left her comfort zone to work as an ESL teacher in China. Sure, she enjoyed staying at “Hotel Mama” while doing a secure and hassle-less job in the garment industry but she always felt the need to “go out” and explore the world so at 23, that’s exactly what she did. During her three years stint in China, most of her weekends and holidays were spent visiting places from the northeastern part of China down to Southeast Asia. As her horizon stretches further, her thirst for traveling intensifies. Right now, she’s living in Austria with her husband who, by the way, also shares her passion for traveling. Life may get in the way sometimes but she and her husband see to it that they get to visit new places and try out new things. When she’s not busy with her day job and she's not on a trip somewhere, Myla likes to cultivate her creative side with photography and writing. Her other interests include reading, scrapbooking, and cooking.

  1. Where exactly is Styria? I had a hard time finding it, because Google says it’s in Germany, but on Google Maps it says it’s Austria! It might also be helpful to add some links to the post 🙂

    Good work and hope you’re doing better and less stresseful. I’ve missed reading your articles!!

  2. styria lies on the southeast part of austria. its neighbors are slovenia (south) and hungary (west). try googling steiermark instead. that’s the german name. styria is just the english equivalent.

    i linked up some sites but some of them are in german. hope it’s ok. and like you, i also hope the the stressful time is over so i can concentrate on my writing again but well, there’s just too much work related to moving in a new home.


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