Angel Reese: Rising Star in the WNBA

A New Double-Double Queen

Angel Reese has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the WNBA. As a forward for the Chicago Sky, Reese’s remarkable consistency and performance on the court have earned her widespread recognition. Most notably, she has been named the WNBA Rookie of the Month for June 2024, thanks to her historic streak of double-doubles.

Early Life and College Career

Reese’s journey to the WNBA began in Maryland, where she was a standout high school player, earning accolades and catching the attention of top college programs. She chose to play for LSU, where she continued to excel. Her collegiate career was marked by impressive statistics and numerous awards, setting the stage for her entry into professional basketball.

WNBA Breakthrough

Selected by the Chicago Sky, Reese made an immediate impact in her rookie season. In June 2024, she averaged 14.5 points, 13.2 rebounds, and 1.8 assists per game, demonstrating her versatility and dominance on the court. Her ability to consistently deliver double-doubles—achieving ten consecutive games with such stats—set a new WNBA record, previously held by Candace Parker.

Historic Achievements

Reese’s tenth consecutive double-double was a historic moment not only for her career but also for the WNBA. She recorded 10 points and 16 rebounds in a game against the Lynx, surpassing Parker’s record of nine straight double-doubles set in 2015. This achievement highlighted her relentless drive and skill, earning her the Rookie of the Month honor.

Recognition and Praise

Reese’s performance has drawn praise from coaches, teammates, and fans alike. Sky head coach Teresa Weatherspoon commended her work ethic and confidence, saying, “She’s gonna continue to do what she does, that’s who she is, she’s always gonna come out and play hard and confident and give you everything that she has.” Her mother, Angel Webb Reese, has been a supportive presence, celebrating her daughter’s milestones from the stands.

Future Prospects

As Angel Reese continues to make waves in the WNBA, her future looks incredibly bright. She, along with Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark, is a strong contender for the WNBA Rookie of the Year title. Beyond individual accolades, Reese will join forces with other top players on the WNBA All-Star team, set to play against Team USA in preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics.


Angel Reese’s journey from high school standout to WNBA star is a testament to her talent, dedication, and hard work. Her historic achievements and consistent performance on the court have not only earned her recognition and respect but also set her on a path to potentially becoming one of the league’s greats. As she continues to grow and excel, basketball fans can look forward to many more memorable moments from this rising star.