Plastic Surgeons Sound Alarm on ‘Ozempic Face’ in Hollywood

Why the long face? Ozempic.

As the popularity of the weight loss drug Ozempic soars, plastic surgeons have raised concerns about a side effect dubbed “Ozempic face,” which they believe is increasingly visible among Hollywood celebrities. This condition, characterized by sunken eyes, gaunt cheeks, and sagging skin, has become a growing topic of discussion in the cosmetic surgery community.

A Rising Trend in Tinseltown

Several doctors, speaking to the Daily Mail, pointed to high-profile cases such as John Goodman and Sharon Osbourne, suggesting these stars are among those most affected by the condition. For the uninitiated, Ozempic is an injectable treatment that mimics a naturally occurring hormone to curb appetite and induce rapid weight loss. While effective for weight reduction, it appears to come at the cost of facial volume.

Understanding ‘Ozempic Face’

Dr. Smita Ramanadham, a New Jersey-based plastic surgeon, explained to the Daily Mail, “Ozempic face is essentially the same characteristics that we see when patients have rapid or regular weight loss. We see a loss of volume in the face, and when we lose fat in the face, we see signs like sunken cheeks, sagging skin, and a general hollowing out of the features.”

Surgeons have noticed that this deflation of facial features often accompanies significant weight loss, whether from diet and exercise or weight loss drugs like Ozempic. This facial emaciation can lead to more pronounced lines, wrinkles, and a generally aged appearance.

High-Profile Cases and Speculation

After examining photos of 15 celebrities who have undergone major weight transformations, a panel of surgeons speculated that at least half might be experiencing “Ozempic face.” For instance, John Goodman, who has lost nearly 200 pounds since 2007, has been noted for his more lined and deflated facial appearance, despite denying the use of Ozempic. He credits his weight loss to dieting, exercise, and abstaining from alcohol.

Similarly, singer Robbie Williams, who admitted to taking something “like Ozempic,” shows signs of facial volume loss, particularly under the eyes and cheeks, according to Dr. Ramanadham. This hollowness and increased wrinkling are typical outcomes of substantial weight loss.

Gender Differences in Visibility

Interestingly, surgeons note that “Ozempic face” is less pronounced among women, likely because they more frequently use fillers and makeup to conceal such changes. However, Sharon Osbourne, who reportedly lost 42 pounds on Ozempic, is cited as a dramatic example of the condition, with significant facial volume loss and increased wrinkling.

Other celebrities suspected of showing signs of “Ozempic face” include Jessica Simpson, Scott Disick, and Liam Payne. In Payne’s case, the changes are attributed to buccal fat surgery, where the fat pad is removed from the cheeks, rather than weight loss alone.

Beyond the Face: Additional Side Effects

“Ozempic face” is just one of many side effects linked to the drug, which saw nine million prescriptions in the last quarter of 2022 alone. Other reported issues include vision problems, constipation, and even changes in personality. Additionally, some users have claimed that stopping the drug resulted in regaining more weight than they had initially lost.

As Ozempic continues to be a popular weight loss solution, both its benefits and drawbacks are becoming more apparent. While the drug offers a powerful tool for weight management, those considering its use should be aware of potential side effects like “Ozempic face” and consult with healthcare professionals to make informed decisions.